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Common FAQ

Common FAQs


You can be sure of that. As BeFuture Interactive, we serve more than 100 countries. You can also see our reputation by looking at our Google Play store profile.

We use a membership system to ensure the safety of our users. In this way, we are preventing illegal use. You can see the terms of use by clicking here.
When you purchase a product from the Google Play Store, Google will send you an email. This e-mail is an e-mail notifying you that you have purchased the product. The GPA code contained in the email is a code that helps us recognize you when you become a member. Your membership information cannot be verified without this code.
Example: GPA.****-****-****-*****
Google sends e-mail to you when you purchase each product. Don't forget to check the email you've logged in to the Google Play Store. If you haven't received any email, you can contact Google. Please note that we are unable to approve your membership without the GPA code.
If you purchased the app, you can proceed to the registration process. When you open the application, you will see the "Register" button. If you enter all the information requested here, your membership will be approved by your team within 1-2 hours. Your membership cannot be approved unless you enter the GPA code. If you're having trouble signing up, you can contact our team.
Yes, you can buy our applications once and use them for life.
You can purchase our apps on Google Play Store. You can see the price information by clicking this link. You can consult our team if you have problems with payment.
Analysis doesn't always last quickly. Sometimes the process can take a long time. Generally, tips are added to the application at noon.